DEED - John Johnston Snr, John Johnston Jnr, and William Coulter

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DEED - John Johnston Snr, John Johnston Jnr, and William Coulter

Book : 818 Page : 407 Deed : 551142 Date 5 OCT 1826

To the Registrar appointed by Act of Parliament for registering Deeds and Wills, conveyances and so forth in Ireland

A memorial of a Deed of Settlement bearing date the 5th day of October in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty six made between John Johnston Senior and John Johnston Junior, both of Derrymeen and William Coulter of Keerin Beg all in the county of Fermanagh Reciting that a marriage had taken place between said John Johnston Junior and Margaret Coulter and that for the purpose of making provision for the issue of said marriage, said John Johnston Senior did for the consideration therein set forth grant and convey unto said John Johnston Junior his Heir assigned (?) all that and those that part of the lands of Derrymeen more in the possession of the said John Johnston Junior to hold to the said John Johnston Junior during the continuance of the lease from Montgomery Nixon Esquire deceased (?) under which said John Johnston Senior formerly held said land.

Witnessed by: William Doonan of Drumbarry and William Little of Cloughagaddy, both of the County of Fermanagh.

In return for the grant of these lands of Derrymeen, held under a 940 year lease apparently from Montgomery Nixon Esq, John Senior and his wife Jane were to be allowed to live in the front parlour and to provide "during each of their lives with a sufficiency of good turf, twelve loads of potatoes, four cwt of meal and summer and winter feeding for one cow".

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