Charles Brock ,

Birth of a sonThomas Brock

Marriage of a childThomas BrockRebecca AchesonView this family
March 1, 1853

Birth of a granddaughterRebecca Brock
March 3, 1853

Birth of a granddaughterF rances (Fanny) Brock
March 3, 1853

Birth of a grandsonJohn Brock
January 12, 1854

Birth of a granddaughterRuth Isabella Brock
March 18, 1857

Birth of a granddaughterRachel Brock
March 23, 1859

Birth of a granddaughterCharlotte Brock
October 21, 1861

Birth of a granddaughterSophia Brock
February 15, 1863

Birth of a grandsonWilliam Brock
May 4, 1865

Birth of a grandsonThomas Brock
June 21, 1867

Birth of a granddaughterEleanor (Ella) Brock
August 1869
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CHARLES BROCK He was born in 1790, in or near the town of Fermanagh. On 27 Dec. 1808, he enlisted in the 88th Regt. of Foot, and served in the British army for 22 years, 119 days. His service included one year in France, one year in America, five years in the Peninsula throughout the Peninsular War, and 10 years, 10 months in the Ionian Island He was described as of very good character, efficient and distinguished in the field against the enemy. He had been in the battles of Fuentes de onor Sabugal, Cuidad Rodrigo, Badagos, Salamanca, Victoria, Pyrenees, "the nive nivitle others", and Tolouse. At the storming of Cuidad Rodrigo, he volunteered and went on forlorn hope. At Badagos, he was wounded in three places. Being unfit for further service, he was discharged in England, in 1832, granted a pension, and returned to Ireland. Eight years later, he married. Three months after their marriage, the couple immigrated to Canada and settled in the town of London. There, in August 1841, Charles petitioned for a land grant; this was turned down on the grounds that pensioners were no longer entitled to such grants. He died, in London, on 14 Feb. 1849, and was survived by his wife.